Monday, December 6, 2010

All she wants for christmas is.... her two front teeth!!

Juliet's top teeth are coming through! I know one for sure has and I believe I can see the other one. I've been catching her grinding her teeth already and I am hoping it is just a phase because maybe it feels good while they are coming through or something. She is getting to be such a big girl and will be a totally different baby to our friends back in Idaho! We can't wait to get back!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I know I haven't blogged about anything like Halloween or Thanksgiving, and I'll get to those one of these days, but the most tender moment happened last night! For the past week or so, Juliet's been sick and her schedule is awful! She stays up super late (as in past midnight) and then wakes up at like 11. Her sleeping is great, I just wish it was a little sooner. So last night Tim and I were flipping through channels waiting for her to be tired, and after deciding that TV has gotten so much worse recently we decided to take this cushiony ball Tim's mom has and play catch with it. So I'm sitting on the fireplace and Tim's in a chair across from me and we are talking about things and playing catch. Well Juliet climbs up to Tim and he picks her up to sit in his lap. If only I had a camera because it was the cutest scene ever! We're playing catch and Juliet is snuggling Tim and watching the ball go back and forth and laughing. It made me love being a wife and mommy :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wal Mart Lady

Tonight Tim and I needed to get a few things quickly from Wal Mart. We went to check out on the side that wasn't by the food because we were parked over there and thought it would be faster because it was a speedy checkout of 20 items or less. There were about 5 people in front of us, but it was a speedy checkout right? Nope, this lady was SLOW and it was the only line on this side open. We were pretty patient until I saw her eat a piece of candy that the door greeter gave her between scanning items for the people in front of us. I mean, are you kidding me?! There's about 8 people behind us and you can't at least wait for the customer to swipe her card?

20ish minutes after getting in line it was our turn. We put our basket of 8 items on the table and waited for her to scan everything. She then proceeded to tell the people behind us it was our fault it was taking her so long to scan everything because we didn't remove our items from the basket. Tim and I just gave each other a look like, "what is she talking about?" We tried to be very nice but after she threw our basket to the side I knew it was time to leave. I'm planning on doing a survey or something of my experience because at 7:30 in the evening Wal Mart should really adopt Albertsons "3's a Crowd" policy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

8 months

Juliet turned 8 months old yesterday! I can't believe how fast time has been going since we've had her, and I'm sure I'll always feel that way now. We are so lucky to have her and we love her so much :) Here are a few things that she been doing recently:
She's crawling
Pulling herself up to furniture and standing
Had her first ear infections
Feeds herself those little Gerber puffs
Eats and eats and eats bananas and applesauce with rice cereal!
Still chews on everything
Has more hair!
Waves bye bye!
Gives big slobbery kissies
Is still a pretty good sleeper at night and napper during the day
Likes to talk back and forth with Daddy (baby sounds, but it's still cute)

Only 4 more months till she's a year old! We love our baby girl :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last night I decided that I was tired of rocking Juliet to sleep and that she was feeling better so I was just going to let her cry it out. After I put her in her crib and she started crying I went downstairs to get this stuffed toy that she likes as a comfort object. I went back in and there she was standing and holding the rails like she was in prison. I was impressed with her skills and she was just so darn cute, so I turned on the light and got Marla so she could see. As soon as Grandma walked in Juliet started waving and smiling like she was so proud of herself. We tried to take a picture but she sat down and didn't seem too interested in getting back up now that we were all in her room. We're going to lower her crib to the lowest setting so maybe that'll keep her more secure and help me not worry about her jumping out. I ended up rocking the little stinker to sleep because Grandma and Daddy couldn't stand to hear her cry. I'll probably try again when me and Juliet go to Grandma Moffitt's house in a couple of weeks.


The other day Tim came home from work and decided to take a shower to get all the dirt and grease off and he wanted me to sit and talk to him. Instead, I was quietly filling up a cup of cold water to poor onto him :) It only got his back but I was already thinking of another prank to do to him in the shower. Since he gets up much earlier than I do, I figured I would have to wait for another evening shower to do it. But Tim told me that if I would wake up with him in the morning I could pull pranks on him and he wouldn't get mad :)

So last night Juliet finally started sleeping through the night again and I got a full 6 hours before waking myself up. I knew Tim's alarm would go off soon and then I could take over the whole bed, so I was just waiting for him to leave before going back to sleep. After quickly realizing that I wasn't going to be able to fall asleep I decided that this would be the perfect time to pull my prank! I quietly sneaked into the bathroom without Tim hearing me, and after hoping he was facing the back of the shower I quickly stuck my hand in and turned the hot water down. He didn't say anything so I put my hand in again and turned it all the way cold. I thought he saw me but he didn't know I was in there at all until the water got super cold. Then he said my name and of course I started laughing. He said that was a pretty good prank and then after I took a shower we had breakfast together :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

These past few weeks have been pretty stressful! First, I was sick and then had to have surgery. Then I had to recover from surgery. And as soon as I start to feel better, Juliet gets two ear infections! What a month! Things are sort of starting to get back to normal, especially Juliet's sleeping habits, and I'm grateful.

Yesterday Tim and I were both supposed to speak in church, but when we got there, my wildest dreams came true!! The Stake President and a member of the High Council were ready to speak and we got rescheduled! Turns out they changed our topics as well, but it's an easier topic so I think it'll be okay. Did I mention this will be my 3rd time speaking in church in less than a year, and only Tim's 1st? Anyway, it was pretty much the best surprise ever!

We went to Michael and Sarah's last night for dinner and Michael had started a fire for smores afterward. It was really cozy and the best night for that sort of thing. We put Juliet in her new hat for the first time and I was really impressed with how well she kept it on! The best part of the night was when Michael caught his planter on fire and had to get the hose :) I sure enjoy our Sunday dinners with the whole family, especially since I'm home alone most of the week.

Juliet is on the move! I'll go to make her a bottle and when I come back she is in a completely different spot! She loves to play chase and she gets this cute little grin whenever she turns around to look back at me. It's getting hard to get things done now that she's mobile because I have to watch her constantly to make sure she doesn't put everything in her mouth. She loves to eat those little puffs and is starting to figure out how to feed herself.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Adorable Pictures of Juliet

Juliet loves her jumper seat
She is always getting into Grandma McFarlane's yarn
She hasn't quite gotten used to Uncle Ben yet...
She loves her cousin Patrick! She's always trying to "play" with him

With her daddy who has a hairy face!

Always chewing on her stroller :)
Naked baby! After bath time :)
Family picture! Love them :)

Gall Bladder Surgery

A couple weeks ago I started having this pain in the center of my chest and around my right ribs. This happened before about six weeks after Juliet was born, but the doctor just told me to get some antacids and tylenol. Those things just made me sick and after throwing up I felt better and didn't think too much about it until now. After about a week of the pain Tim and I decided to go to a doctor. They figured out it was my gall bladder but told me to schedule an appointment for an ultrasound the next week. That night the pain got so bad we decided to go to the emergency room. Apparently I had a gall stone blocking my bile duct and I was jaundice and turning yellow! It was so weird! That afternoon I had surgery to get the gall stones out and then the next morning my gall bladder was removed.

The surgery went well but it hurt so bad when I woke up until my pain killers kicked in. I felt like I was going to be in pain forever and need those pain killers my whole life but I'm feeling great now and the doctor says I can do everything again! Tim sure liked that part since he's been taking care of Juliet most of the time hahahaha.

Crawling Baby!

Juliet is crawling! She's been rocking on all fours for awhile but a few days ago she finally figured out how to move her arms and legs together. We usually have to show her something worth crawling for like a phone or the remote, stuff she normally can't have, otherwise she is quite lazy hahahaha. She can also sit up by herself so now when we get her in the morning she is already sitting up in her crib. Even before she started crawling, Juliet began to pull herself up onto the furniture. We really need to watch this baby!


Here are some pictures from our trip to Illinois. We went to Nauvoo and Carthage for a day and we had a great time :)

Big Bath!

Juliet loves bath time! When we first got here to Virginia she would lie down in this little tub but not for long because all she wanted to do was sit up. So when we put her in the big tub she LOVED it! She loves to splash and play with toys and is just adorable :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Almost 7 months!

Only 3 more days until Juliet is 7 months old! For some reason Tim keeps either thinking that she was born on the 30th (it was the 20th) or that it is earlier in the month because he can't believe that she is getting so big so fast! Hahaha. Juliet is so cute and she has accomplished so many things just this month! This is what she does:

She loves to eat bananas
She can sit up without falling over (most of the time)
She can wave bye bye
She can scoot backwards
She can say mamamama, bababababa, and dadadadadada
She can click her tongue
She loves drinking out of cups
She loves to look at herself in the mirror
She is just all around adorable :)

I have so much fun playing with Juliet everyday and she sure loves her mommy and daddy. We're having a great time here in Virginia. Tim and I always try to do something fun for his days off and it's great for me and Juliet to get out of the house. We miss our friends and apartment back in Rexburg but we are having some neat adventures during Tim's semester off.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Catch up

Okay, it's been awhile since I've blogged, but we've been pretty busy! First, I went to California for 4 weeks! After the Moffitt Family Reunion (which was a blast! Thanks Angela and everyone who went and made it awesome!) I left Tim alone so he could finish the semester in peace and went back to Ridgecrest with my parents for two extra weeks. Unfortunately for Tim, that meant he had to move out of our apartment all by himself :( I think he did alright though. Thanks for everyone who helped us out with the move! While I was waiting for Tim to get to Ridgecrest I spent a lot of time with Kim and Christie. We had so much fun and they really loved Juliet. Christie even helped me make Juliet a tutu (sorry, no pictures of it). My parents were getting their kitchen redone so they got creative with meals and we had A LOT of doughnuts for breakfast. I definitely missed the donut shop while I was in Idaho. After Tim got there we got to go on a date! I talked him into seeing Ramona and Beezus, and it was soooo cute! It was nice having my mom and dad babysit. Tim also did some yard work for Grandma Poetschlag and Mom and Dad and earned a little money from it. We decided to buy the game DDR and it was a great investment. We LOVE that game! But Lisa's family plays BandHero and I decided that it was my next favorite game. I am totally a rockstar in that game ;) I think one of the best parts of the trip was taking Tim to the beach. I wanted to take him to a real beach with big waves to we could body surf and use the boogey board. What we didn't realize was that the beach Mike was taking us to was super rocky. The crabs and stuff were cool (and creepy) but we eventually found a strip of sand that we could walk out on without killing our feet so we could play in the water. Tim said it was the best day at the beach that he's ever had! California made me proud at that moment :)

Sadly, our California trip ended too soon and it was time for us to go to Illinois for a week before going to our final destination of Virginia, where we will be living for the next 4 months. Tim's mom's family all lives in Illinois and she really wanted us to go out there with them so we were fortunate enough to make the trip with them. Juliet was great on the plane and we had a great week seeing/meeting so many family members. And I have to say that Tim's Great Aunt Ruthie sure knows how to make some blackberry dumplings! One day of our trip we were able to go visit Nauvoo and Carthage Jail. It was really neat seeing everything and I would love to go back there someday and take some more time with it all.

After 5 weeks of vacationing, we finally made it to Virginia! We are going to be living with Tim's parents for the next 4 months so that we can save money during Tim's off semester at BYUI. It's been great so far and last night I saw two deer! Tim started working right away and it's been lonely having everyone gone to work all day, but Juliet keeps me busy! She started teething about the day we left Illinois and some days are pretty rough for her. But on the up side, she is starting to sit up on her own! She can't quite get to the sitting position by herself but she'll sit for a good 5-8 minutes before falling over. She's getting so big and it's great watching her do new things everyday. Her other new thing is that she'll click her tongue at you. We'll go back and forth for a while just clicking. She is so cute! So far since being here we've already been able to do our favorite things: eat at The Cheese Shop, eat at Cinco de Mayo, go to a Tides game, see Tim's siblings, and of course see deer! I really miss my family but it's great having this new experience of living somewhere other than in Ridgecrest and Rexburg.

Well, I know this was long and it was just a sum up! Next time I'll be more on top of blogging. Below are just a few of the pictures (very, very few) of our trip.

After Nathan's blessing

Photo shoot Lisa and I did of Nathan and Juliet
Juliet and Nathan asleep on Lisa's bed
The Max and Karen Moffitt part of the reunion that was able to make it

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Roll over!

Today at church, Juliet was being fussy and Tim took her to the back of the chapel to try to help her calm down. He laid her on her blanket on the floor to let her play and she did something simply magical: she rolled over from her back to her tummy . . . and then she tooted. That last part isn't terribly magical, but after Tim put her back onto her back she proceeded to roll over again. She rolled over a total of five times! And I didn't see any of them :(

We are still in the process of packing. We've got about four bags for the DI and we've taken three out to the trash. It's all been very therapeutic.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

4 months old!

Last Sunday Juliet turned 4 months, which meant that on Tuesday we got to take her to her checkup to get her shots and everything. We learned that she weighs 11 lbs 10 oz (11th percentile) and is 25 inches long (77 percentile). The doctor said she is perfectly fine and that she's a tall, skinny baby. Well, when the doctor started checking things like her eyes and ears Juliet just started FREAKING out! She screamed like nothing I had ever heard before, except for maybe when she got her 2 month shots. We finally got her to calm down and then the nurses came in to give her the shots. Once again, she screamed and cried and we finally got her to calm down. Because of the recall on infant Tylenol we needed to go back to Wal Mart and get her some off-brand stuff. Of course it's out everywhere so Tim finally talks to someone in the pharmacy who says we can give her children's stuff and then gives us the right quantity to give her. I guess the Walgreens brand works okay but this whole week has been terrible for her :( Her sleeping schedule is way off and she's been so much more fussy. I'm still hoping that the sleep she's missed out on will be caught up eventually.

Another neat thing we get to do now that she's 4 months old is feed her rice cereal! I've been waiting forever to feed her cereal so that I could see if it helps her sleep longer. We've given it to her a couple of times but I don't think she quite loves it. I think it's too slow for her to eat with a spoon instead of breastfeeding. But we'll keep working on it and hopefully she'll get the hang of it :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eating Feeties :)

She loves to eat her feet! I'm always surprised when I pick her up and her socks are wet hahaha. She's so flexible!

A cute little family photo

David Archuleta

Last December David Archuleta came to Rexburg but we didn't get tickets fast enough to go to his concert. He came again this month to do another concert but we weren't going to go because now we have a 4 month old who probably wouldn't enjoy it :) I was a little disappointed but then I saw that he was doing a book signing at Deseret Book. Me, Tim, Mark and Whitney went and stood in line for about an hour and a half to see David and it was totally worth it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Many Faces of Juliet :)

What is going on?!
Her very cute sad face
Tummy time
Happy in her car seat
Sticking her tongue out
Very calm

The Places We've Lived

Our first apartment together :) Tim found it about 3 weeks before we got married and a week before we were leaving for Christmas break so it was really lucky. It was a HUGE basement apartment, but a little creepy so we moved down the street to the....
Yellow House! Mark and Whitney helped us get this apartment and we loved it. We loved living in the same house as our friends and it was such a great location. Then we got pregnant and moved down two houses to the....
Red House! This has been our favorite apartment so far and such a great place to start our little family.

My Birthday and Camping

This year Tim made my birthday amazing! It started at midnight when I opened the present from my mom that I had been waiting 2 months to open! She sent it up with a friend in April and told me not to open it until my birthday, which was torture. But, I was a good daughter and waited :) Then we went to bed and I woke up twice with Juliet and after the second time it was 5:45 and I was too excited to wait anymore! So I woke him up and he was nice enough to let me open my presents. And I LOVED the present Tim made me. He made me a picture collage of our life together from the first place we met, to our first kiss, to our wonderful Juliet. It was perfect :)

That night our ward was having a campout up in Island park and there was a lodge type place that had bedrooms for those of us with babies. We had a fun time and Juliet didn't do too bad being away from home. The next day we went to Mesa Falls on the way home and looked at the water falls. It was a little cold, but Juliet fell asleep the rest of the way home which was awesome. It was a lot of fun doing something different for my birthday :)

I changed her diaper before going inside and while Dawna was holding her I realized that I had put her pants on backwards!
Tim is totally working that Baby Bjorn

The waterfalls! The Schultz's, Southworth's and McFarlane's