Saturday, October 29, 2011


i don't want to blog :( but certain people are getting antsy so here i go.

juliet is adorable! she loves tangled and loves the part where they are singing with the thugs and ruffians hahaha. she'll stand in front of the tv and sing, "a dweam, a dweam, a dweam." and lately she has been talking A LOT. she describes everything she is doing or what we are doing. she likes to say that she is taking "big steps!" and that daddy is at "wooork." she is surely becoming a picky eater and it drives me crazy! but i've been trying to put her in her seat more so that seems to be helping a little bit. she also had 3 play dates this week, which was very fun for her!

cece is great! she pretty much does what a normal baby does: eat, sleep, poop, repeat. her schedule is changing but it's a lot harder to figure out since i have juliet to take care of. since she sleeps so well at night i think her morning nap is getting pushed a little further but it's hard for me to remember some days. she is very smiley and juliet loves to make her smile :)

tim got another job working at the salt lake express again. it's pretty awesome and he has some great hours right now. he's pretty much the best ever and helps me out so much. his mom is coming next week and we are VERY excited. it'll be nice to have someone around while tim is at work.

i'm just hanging out. you know, taking care of two kids all day. two kids that don't nap at the same time. but i do love spending my days with my girls :) oh, and i have recently discovered "pinterest." it's amazing and i've already done some of the crafts and recipes that i have found from it. you should all try it.

well, that's all i can think of right now. i really don't look at blogs as much as i used to, and i don't even facebook that much anymore. juliet and cece just keep me too distracted....and pinterest. but i'll try to do better :) and maybe next time i'll have pictures!