Sunday, June 27, 2010

4 months old!

Last Sunday Juliet turned 4 months, which meant that on Tuesday we got to take her to her checkup to get her shots and everything. We learned that she weighs 11 lbs 10 oz (11th percentile) and is 25 inches long (77 percentile). The doctor said she is perfectly fine and that she's a tall, skinny baby. Well, when the doctor started checking things like her eyes and ears Juliet just started FREAKING out! She screamed like nothing I had ever heard before, except for maybe when she got her 2 month shots. We finally got her to calm down and then the nurses came in to give her the shots. Once again, she screamed and cried and we finally got her to calm down. Because of the recall on infant Tylenol we needed to go back to Wal Mart and get her some off-brand stuff. Of course it's out everywhere so Tim finally talks to someone in the pharmacy who says we can give her children's stuff and then gives us the right quantity to give her. I guess the Walgreens brand works okay but this whole week has been terrible for her :( Her sleeping schedule is way off and she's been so much more fussy. I'm still hoping that the sleep she's missed out on will be caught up eventually.

Another neat thing we get to do now that she's 4 months old is feed her rice cereal! I've been waiting forever to feed her cereal so that I could see if it helps her sleep longer. We've given it to her a couple of times but I don't think she quite loves it. I think it's too slow for her to eat with a spoon instead of breastfeeding. But we'll keep working on it and hopefully she'll get the hang of it :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eating Feeties :)

She loves to eat her feet! I'm always surprised when I pick her up and her socks are wet hahaha. She's so flexible!

A cute little family photo

David Archuleta

Last December David Archuleta came to Rexburg but we didn't get tickets fast enough to go to his concert. He came again this month to do another concert but we weren't going to go because now we have a 4 month old who probably wouldn't enjoy it :) I was a little disappointed but then I saw that he was doing a book signing at Deseret Book. Me, Tim, Mark and Whitney went and stood in line for about an hour and a half to see David and it was totally worth it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Many Faces of Juliet :)

What is going on?!
Her very cute sad face
Tummy time
Happy in her car seat
Sticking her tongue out
Very calm

The Places We've Lived

Our first apartment together :) Tim found it about 3 weeks before we got married and a week before we were leaving for Christmas break so it was really lucky. It was a HUGE basement apartment, but a little creepy so we moved down the street to the....
Yellow House! Mark and Whitney helped us get this apartment and we loved it. We loved living in the same house as our friends and it was such a great location. Then we got pregnant and moved down two houses to the....
Red House! This has been our favorite apartment so far and such a great place to start our little family.

My Birthday and Camping

This year Tim made my birthday amazing! It started at midnight when I opened the present from my mom that I had been waiting 2 months to open! She sent it up with a friend in April and told me not to open it until my birthday, which was torture. But, I was a good daughter and waited :) Then we went to bed and I woke up twice with Juliet and after the second time it was 5:45 and I was too excited to wait anymore! So I woke him up and he was nice enough to let me open my presents. And I LOVED the present Tim made me. He made me a picture collage of our life together from the first place we met, to our first kiss, to our wonderful Juliet. It was perfect :)

That night our ward was having a campout up in Island park and there was a lodge type place that had bedrooms for those of us with babies. We had a fun time and Juliet didn't do too bad being away from home. The next day we went to Mesa Falls on the way home and looked at the water falls. It was a little cold, but Juliet fell asleep the rest of the way home which was awesome. It was a lot of fun doing something different for my birthday :)

I changed her diaper before going inside and while Dawna was holding her I realized that I had put her pants on backwards!
Tim is totally working that Baby Bjorn

The waterfalls! The Schultz's, Southworth's and McFarlane's

Two Men and a Baby

Juliet always looks a little concerned when Trent holds her, so it's always best to have Tim there for her to see. They were both playing with her and I just had to capture the manliness of the moment :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mothra Part 2

Today after Tim came home from class I saw an oddly shaped spot on the ceiling by the light. I looked a little closer and sure enough it was a spider. Tim seemed a little hesitant to kill it, so I encouraged him by getting the chair and tissue ready. He climbed on the chair, looked at the spider and said, "I don't want to kill it!" I thought he was being a bit silly so I was just going to go up there and do it myself until I climbed up there and saw the hairy little beast for myself. He was a lot scarier up close! He may have been small but he was THICK with tiny legs! I jumped down to let Tim do it, but when he started to go for it he accidentally knocked it into the light cover thing. We kinda freaked out but there was nothing we could do until Tim saw it again about 1 minute later. He tried again but the spider like jumped at him and we both freaked out and he dropped the tissue. I offered to get our neighbor to look for it in the light thing, but Tim decided that he wasn't going to let a little spider get the best of him. He was super brave and unscrewed the light cover but we still haven't found it :( I'm now scared forever in my own house because of the tiny spider that we thought was too ginormous to kill.

Mothra Part 1

When Tim and I lived in the Yellow House, one night I saw a very large moth in our bedroom. I HATE moths so much, even though they don't really do anything to you. Apparently Tim was scared of moths too because we ran around for about a half hour in our bedroom trying to get this moth out of the room because we were too afraid of it's size to crush it. Tim swore that it was Mothra, which I had never heard of so Tim showed me a picture. Sure enough, this is what the moth looked like:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

This past Tuesday I went to pay our rent and I told our manager's that our shower drain wasn't draining. Tim would end up with a pool of water up past his ankle by the time his shower was over. They said they would have someone come look at it, so I called Whitney and asked if I could use their shower. We showered there all week and finally Saturday afternoon we came home and it was fixed! It drains so fast now! Our shower head has always been terrible as well because it's so old and only half of it would spray so that half was really powerful. It's sometimes really painful to shower and so I never thought of bring Juliet into the shower until we started using Mark and Whitney's shower and their shower head was AMAZING! It was so soft so I started having Tim help me shower Juliet with me. She LOVED it! She seemed a little confused at first but she would start lapping her tongue and lick the water and she really seemed to like it after a while. Tim and I thought about buying a new shower head after that but we whipped out this book his mom bought us called "1001 things to do with vinegar." Instead of buying a new one, we decided to soak ours for about 5 hours in vinegar and it worked like magic! It was so awesome we couldn't wait to shower and it was seriously the best shower I have ever had (at least in any apartment we've ever lived in).

Another fun thing that we did this week was trying to make our own bread. I made two different types one was a chocolate chip bread and the other was a light oat bread. The chocolate chip bread was pretty good, but it was a little doughy so I think next time I'll cook it a little longer. The other bread was really good and we might start using it as our sandwich bread.

Yesterday Tim and I went to the thrift store and we found a couple of great things! I got a super cute white skirt with yellow daisy's on it for 5 bucks and Tim got a really awesome pink dress skirt for 4 bucks, and it was Volcom brand! I'm kind of a snob when it come to shopping at thrift stores and I look for certain brands, because then I know they're the style that we normally wear.

We went to Wal Mart and Big 5 this week and bought some baseball gloves. I've never had my own before and Tim's was pretty beat so we felt like it was a good investment. Yesterday was pretty nice so we had a bbq with our neighbors and we played Bocce ball and catch with our new mitts. Juliet was having fun too with Dawna and McKenzie and I think she was happy to be able to play outside again.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend

This weekend we were really excited to stay home and relax for a few days and we had a great 3 day weekend! Friday afternoon we took Juliet to her first movie at the cheap theater. We went and saw The Last Song with Miley Cyrus in it. The movie was okay and Juliet fell asleep about halfway through but then Tim had to take her out for the last 20 minutes or so. I'd say she did a great job for her first movie! That night I also bought Tim an early Father's Day/ late birthday present. We went to Wal Mart and got Mario Kart! Tim had been eyeing it for MONTHS and we finally got it. Turns out I love it just as much as he does :)

Saturday, we cleaned the house and watched 24. We've gotten hooked on the first season (we finally finished it last night) but I don't know if I'll keep watching. It's a little too violent for me and that's no good when I'm up with Juliet at night. Tim also took me shopping and we used some of my registration deposit money to buy some new summer clothes. I still don't quite fit into all of my pre pregnancy clothes so it was nice to get something that does fit right. I guess i should really thank my mom and dad since I'm guessing they paid that deposit when I was 18 and applying to college. Hahahaha so thanks! We also almost went to Jeff and Amber's so that we could watch the kids so they could have the baby. But I checked my phone a little too late and by the time we were all packed it was just too late and we were too tired to drive 4 hours. Then Juliet started crying for about a half hour straight so then we were really glad that we weren't in the car. Thankfully they were able to get someone else to watch the kids. Later we had Justin and Dawna over to play Mario Kart and we played online with Jon, Joshua, and Audrey that night too. We have so much fun playing that I'm sad it took me so long to buy it for Tim!

Sunday was the usual. Juliet was pretty good during church and a lady in our ward made cupcakes for the Relief Society so I ate two of those :) We had a yummy dinner and talked to our families so it was a pretty relaxing day.

Monday was BBQ day! Earlier in the day we ran some errands and got some food ready for that night. Unfortunately it started to rain a little bit so we had to eat inside but the food was still delicious anyway. Luckily Juliet fell asleep while everyone was over so we were able to have a great evening with our friends. Juliet also had a cousin born today! Jetty Lee Moffitt was born around 12:30 ish that morning! She also has a cousin that was born May 19th Patrick Michael McFarlane. All we need is Lisa to have her baby in July and Juliet will be surrounded by all of her boy cousins!

Juliet has been a really fun baby lately. She just loves to smile and now she is starting to laugh. Today she was in her swing and was just laughing at the animals on the mobile above her head. She eventually went to sleep but she was being so cute! She's also growing out of her 0-3 month baby clothes because she is getting so tall! We'll probably have to wait until her 4 month appointment to get all of her measurements but that's only 20 days away! Her sleep schedule has also improved a bit and we're back up to 5-7 hours of sleep instead of 3. It's been great watching her grow and we can't wait to take her back to our homes to show her off!

She loves looking at her animals while she's swinging. And now she's starting to laugh at them which is hilarious when I'm not even in the room and I just hear her laughing.
Whenever we pull her up onto our laps she opens her mouth and heads straight for our fingers. I'm nervous for when this little girl starts teething!
Juliet has recently discovered her feet and she likes to pull her sock off.
Baby Juliet and Mommy :) Isn't she the cutest baby?