Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mommy's Intense

The other day we went to the duck park with the girls and apparently i was doing something that made tim tell juliet that mommy was intense. so juliet starts repeating, "mommy's intense! mommy's intense!" so then i asked her, "well what's daddy?" she didn't have to think long before saying, "daddy's a QUEEN!" hahahahaha! i busted up laughing and figured that's what he got for teaching juliet that i'm intense :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Trade

juliet has issues with sharing. just like any normal two year old. but what we've been working on lately is GRABBING. juliet just grabs whatever she wants out of cece's hands and cece is starting to figure out that she's not ok with that. so this morning cece was looking at a book. juliet wants it. she grabs it. i tell her, give it back to cece. she says no, but gives me the book anyway. i tell her that maybe she can get cece a different book and trade her. and juliet is sooo funny when she talks to cece. she brings cece a book and says, "HERE CECEEEEEE! look at thissssssss one!" she then trades with cece and says, "thanks sooooo much!" i love how animated juliet gets when she talks, she cracks me up!