Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another girl!

It's a girl! And she sure was difficult for us to see! That was the longest doctor appointment I have ever had! We got there and got in pretty quickly and did all of the routine stuff but the girl doing the ultrasound was like trying to get her certification or something so they looked for about an hour. I mean, it was neat seeing everything but the whole time the baby's legs were closed so I was kind of getting impatient (which is so unlike me! hahahahahahahaha). Since I sort of new what to look for and I knew what I DIDN'T see, I was thinking it might be a girl the whole time. Then the pro took over and looked for about 2 seconds and confirmed that it was a sure enough, a girl :)
We're both really happy with another girl, and now I don't have to come up with a boy name or buy anything new!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What will it be????

The baby is kicking me a lot right now and it was making me think about how we go to the doctor on Tuesday to find out the gender! I have a tendency to forget about being pregnant sometimes and that I'm actually growing another baby inside of me while already taking care of one, so this appointment will be nice because it'll bring this pregnancy to reality again.
Anyway, any guesses as to what the gender is are being accepted until Tuesday! So hurry!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Week

This week has been pretty stressful! Monday night Whitney and I HAD to watch the bachelor live instead of waiting for it to get on Hulu on Tuesday, so Taron and Sam graciously let us borrow their TV for the show :) Then Juliet decided at the very end (when Brad is getting ready to propose!) to throw up all over me. Twice. I had the car so Taron had to go pick Tim up so we could clean up at their apartment before trying to go home. She then proceeded to throw up another couple of times onto their kitchen floor. We quickly rushed her home and dealt with that all night. Luckily, she was fine the next day but I still gave her pedialyte and light foods all day.

Hoping that was all over, Thursday night at midnight was my turn :) ALL DAY LONG. It was awful. Thankfully, Tim is terrific and stayed home from class to take care of Juliet while I laid in bed all day. And it was his day off so he didn't even have to leave for work! Poor Tim. He is probably so behind on his homework because of me. Tim started to feel a bit icky Friday and a little bit today but he's at work now and he says he feels fine :) He never gets sick, it's always me! Now I'm just hoping we are all recovered back to 100% by tomorrow.

On a happier note, the baby was kicking me like crazy any time I ate the tiniest thing or drank gatorade while I was sick. So that was fun to feel the baby and Tim finally felt it for the first time too! Only 10 days until we find out the gender! Oh and did I mention that we're moving... again???? This will be our 5th apartment on the same street since we've been married, not counting the 5 months we lived in VA at Tim's parents house. Of course it is right next door to Mark and Whitney, because that's just how we like it :) And it has washer/dryer hookups which I am DYING for after a week of vomiting! I will also be very happy not to have to climb 20 steps while carrying Juliet. I've liked our short stay in the attic, but it will be nice to have the perks of the new apartment.

Juliet is a crazy little walker now! She is all over the place! So far we've managed to get by without any scrapes or bruises to the head, but I'm worried that she is going to be a climber. She loves climbing on our furniture and I'm sure with the right kind of opportunity she could get into a lot of trouble! But she is very sweet and adorable and we love her little (sometimes mischievous) personality :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Ever since Juliet started drinking formula at about 6 months I've been horrible about rinsing the bottles right away. Especially the ones from the night time when I would just feed her and leave the bottle in her room after putting her back down. So when I would finally rinse them they would smell pretty bad but I could handle it enough to put them in the dishwasher. Well now I'm pregnant and she has switched to whole milk which, turns out, is WAY worse when you forget about the bottle in her room and finally find it. Milk smells awful! And it gets all gross and chunky and my sense of smell is way more sensitive when I'm pregnant. So, I've been trying to do better about rinsing otherwise Tim gets to wash the bottles, especially since we have to do it by hand now. Yuck.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Very Juliet Blog Post

If anyone can get the reference I'm making in the title, good job :) It really shouldn't be very hard for most of you if you are true fans.

Juliet has learned some new tricks this week! She figured out how to climb the couch! Well, it's really a futon so it is a LOT lower to the ground but she thinks she is so funny every time she does it. You can tell she likes to be a big girl and sit like mommy and daddy. I even taught her how to get down and she's only fallen off once. I'd say that's pretty good for how often she does it.

The other thing she likes to do is turn the tv on and off. We've been very fortunate it's taken her this long! She would push all the other buttons but yesterday she finally found the right one. The most annoying thing about it is that we have to push the input button on the remote every time we turn the tv on, so once she starts going we just have to wait. She eventually gets bored and she's so cute about it right now that we just let her do it.

Yesterday was her 12 month well baby check up and she is teeny! She only weighs 18 lbs 3 ozs! That is in the 7th percentile and her height is 29 inches which is like 49th or something. Her height used to be higher on the percentage but this time it seemed to drop, but I'm sure it's all supposed to slow down eventually. But I'm not worried and the doctor isn't worried because she eats and sleeps normally and is a generally happy baby. She has a little bit of dry skin so the doctor told us to give her a more cream like lotion and to apply it a couple times a day for two weeks to see if it gets better. If not, we'll let him know. Juliet cried every time the doctor and nurses got near her and for good reason! She got 5 shots! She did her super duper sad cry but she actually calmed down really quickly. We got her a toy to make it all better :) Hopefully we don't have to go back until her 15 month appointment!

On her sheet from the doctor giving us her stats, it also mentions certain milestones and behaviors that may be happening. One of them was tantrums :) And oh man am I worried! She gets so upset if we take anything away or tell her no. She'll usually calm down pretty fast and occupy herself with another toy but I am a little worried for when she gets a little older. I guess we'll see!

Juliet has started to relearn how to give kisses so that's been very sweet :) Today I was being kind of mopey and just laying on the couch and Tim told her to say mommy and she goes "Mama!" And then she gave me a kiss without any prodding! It was adorable and made my heart melt. We love Juliet and she is the sweetest baby ever :)