Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So my sweet little baby has decided that she can climb onto about every piece of furniture we own. Usually I would try to say, "Sit on your bottom please," or something like that but she just laughs and sits and then does it again. Yesterday and today I just tried watching her to see what she would do and if she could get herself down and sure enough, she can! My question is, should I still be worried about her climbing and falling and should I try to get her to stop, or should I just not worry about it since I can't sit in every seat in the house trying to prevent her from climbing on them? She seems to only climb when we are watching, which is nice and it gives me less of a headache not to try and discipline her all day. Am I giving her too much freedom?
The other day we bought Juliet some juice boxes at Walmart and I was silly and letting her drink it out of her high chair. I was mostly holding it, but every once in a while she would try to hold it and thus squeezing apple juice all over me and the floor. About the third time she did this it got all over my shorts and I said, "No no Juliet! Don't grab that!" I wasn't yelling but I must've said it loud enough because she got really startled and started to cry. She let me pick her up and after I soothed her she walked away and came back with a wet wipe and started rubbing my leg as if she was trying to help clean me up. Isn't that so sweet?! It made me feel bad for scaring her but it was so cute to watch her try and help me :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why I Love (and Hate) Being Pregnant

I just wanted to write down real quick all the reasons why I love (and hate) being pregnant! I'm terrible at journal writing so hopefully I'll remember these for next time so I can be prepared!

  • Feeling the baby kick
  • Seeing the ultrasounds
  • Tim always treats me super super nice when I'm pregnant (he does all the time anyway :)
  • Tim says I look super cute when I'm pregnant
  • I have an excuse to go to the bathroom all the time
  • My morning sickness doesn't last too long and I don't vomit very often
  • Teaching Juliet to say "baby"
  • Watching my stomach move
  • Stretchy pants and big comfy shirts
  • I always get a seat
  • People always talk to you when you are pregnant. Even when you think you don't look pregnant yet hahaha
  • Baby shopping
  • My hair grows faster
  • I don't swell up
  • "Expectant Mother's" parking
  • I always get fun cravings like candy and hamburgers
  • Tim gets more sappy and cute about baby things when I'm pregnant
  • You get a baby!
  • Hot. A lot.
  • Can't sleep
  • That fat stage where people don't know if you're pregnant or fat
  • Stretch marks
  • I have to go to the bathroom all the time
  • Tired. A lot.
  • Nauseous (not that I have much to complain about compared to some)
  • I cry ALL THE TIME, but mostly just in the first trimester
  • I want fast food late at night when nothing is open
  • Tim's never been pregnant. I hate that sometimes hahaha.
  • Pains that come with being pregnant and from very hard kicks
  • Charlie horses in my calves in the middle of the night
  • How my hair falls out a ton after the baby is born
I'd say that the good things definitely outweigh the bad, and at least I don't get super sick or have high risk pregnancies. Most of the time I really enjoy being pregnant and I'm very excited to have our new little baby soon! 8 more weeks!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I haven't uploaded pictures in a LONG time so here are just a few random ones of Juliet for you all to enjoy :)


Juliet is so fun to listen to these days! She is starting to make a little more sense and say a few more words. The other day she started to say hi so now it is so fun taking her on walks to get Tim from campus because she will just say hi to the people passing us. Her other new word is "hoppy," which I think means happy and I don't really know why she says it but it is sooo cute! And she'll just whisper it to me and then laugh at herself and then give me a great big hug! Other words she is starting to say (or words she forgot and is saying again): bye, bath, darder (carter), daddyyyy, mama (grandma), chsss (cheese), gogurt (yogurt), yum, and she is finally saying no! She has been saying "yeah" to everything for like the past couple of months and she didn't know "no" so even when she didn't want something it was always "yeah." We haven't been super trying to teach her no but I think she is finally starting to catch on what yes and no are.

Yesterday we were having Family Home Evening and since Mark was out of town we had Whit and Carter over with us. After the lesson we decided to teach the kids ring around the rosie. They loved it! We really should get it on video because they were just laughing the whole time! Carter kept lifting his feet up and wanting to fall down but Juliet didn't quite catch that part of the game. But they both kept wanting to play so I think it was a hit :) I remember whenever it was my turn as a kid to pick the game on Monday nights, I always picked stand on one foot (which I'm pretty sure isn't a real game). But we'll have to wait a little bit longer for Juliet to want to play that one :)

Fabulous Birthday Weekend!

This year my birthday was perfect! It fell on a Saturday this year and Tim did such a great job making me feel special and relaxed all weekend. He switched days at work so that he would have Saturday off but he still had to work Friday night. I fell asleep on the couch waiting for him to come home and he brought in all my presents from the car and woke me up with them. Since it was after midnight he said I could open them :) The first two things I opened were a LARGE bag of assorted candy (I have been craving chocolate all the time lately) and a People magazine (they are my weakness and he always gets me one when I'm sick or for a special occasion). Then he had me close my eyes and put this huge pillow on my lap! Whenever Tim has class and Juliet is taking a nap, I also like to take a nap :) And I also like to sleep across the whole bed. The pillow he got me is in the shape of a right angle so I don't have to rearrange all of his pillows hahaha. It is perfect and sooo comfortable, especially while being pregnant!

The next morning I woke up and got ready to go to the spa for my mother-to-be massage. I've never gotten a real massage before, and I don't even really like it when Tim tries to give me one, but this was HEAVEN. I was sooooo relaxed! And I'm pretty much hooked and will probably want one every year now! It was so nice to be out of the house and have an hour of just pampering. Tim was great and took Juliet out and she had so much fun with her daddy-daughter time. After they came to pick me up we grabbed lunch at the taco bus. I love this taco bus! I've had some pretty sketchy experiences at other taco trailers but this one is sooo good! Then we went on a walk and met up with Sam and went to Porters to look at fabric and other fun crafty things :) We got some cute flowers to put in our window that look so summery!

After our walk we took a nice family nap :) Then we dropped Juliet off to play with Carter while we went to the store and got some things for Sunday dinner and also a cheesecake to share with friends that night. We got home, ate a quick dinner, and had friends over for cake!

Sorry this post is so descriptive of my day but it was just the perfect way to spend my birthday! I loved every minute of it and I loved that Tim was home and able to spend the whole weekend with us. Oh and I forgot to mention that he did ALL of the dishes all weekend long! What a great husband!