Tuesday, May 6, 2014

These days...

Love them!!
 Horsey Daddy
 Daddy and Juliet
 Baby kisses are the best :)
 I just love my handsome guy!!

 Mommy and Cece
 First Haircut
 Beautiful Juliet :)
 Happy James!

 Love that chub!
 I love this carrier! James on my front, and Cece always wants me to carry her on my back. It's so convenient! 
 I love my kids!!
 He REALLY wanted that sweet potato
 James and Daddy

I can't believe how big my kids are getting! James will be 6 months next week. How has that happened so fast? The girls love holding him and making him laugh, and they can make him laugh more than anyone else. I hope they always feel this way about each other. If I can only get James to wake up once a night instead of twice, then he'd be perfect ;) Lately I've been trying to introduce him into food, mostly just whatever I have on hand. He's not really into bananas, but he looooves sweet potatoes, and likes avocados. James loves to roll over and get on his tummy and I think he'll be crawling soon, but we'll see! I'm not advocating it! Haha. He is just such a happy baby and I think he's been the easiest so far. Maybe it's because I have other kids to deal with he's just learned patience on his own? I don't know, but he sure is the easiest one to deal with these days!

Cece is my sweet, silly girl, but she's also a handful haha. She is dyyyying to potty train and I am so not ready for that. Taking her to the bathroom every 5-10 min is not so easy when you are trying to feed, rock, or change a baby. Or do anything for that matter. Right now I've talked her out of it for the moment, but she still insists on wearing a pull up to bed and peeing in the potty right before bed and after she wakes up. I can handle that. I love watching Cece when she's just playing and dancing and being herself. She cracks me up! She's always saying random things and making hilarious faces.

Juliet is also so sweet, especially to James, but man sometimes I think I have a tween on my hands! She can have a little attitude, but then change it and ask me or Cece if we're ok if we seem sad or something. She's very observant and knows when she needs to share more or help me out more. She's had quite the imagination lately, and while it's usually just something she copies from a TV show or movie, she still plays with a lot of animation in her story lines. It's the best thing to have a quiet house and find the girls playing nicely together and not getting into mischief :) It's happening more and more and I love it!