Saturday, September 24, 2011


This is how today went:

Juliet waking up too early
Juliet and Cece being fussy at the same time while Tim goes to his second job
Juliet and Cece then taking an early nap (which finally led to me being able to take a nap!)
Cece and Juliet wake up and Juliet is fussy again
Sam offers to watch the kids so Tim and I can go shopping
WalMart lady telling me they have stretchy pants because she assumes I'm pregnant
Come home to what would seem like a happy Juliet, only to find out she really is still fussy
I try to distract two crying kids while Tim makes dinner
Stub my toe while holding Cece so I start to cry
Finally get kids quiet and we have pancakes for dinner
Tim pours a very large glass of OJ and I tip it over
Juliet starts to cry
Cece starts to cry
I attempt to clean up the mess
Juliet gets a bath and then has to get out early because she is splashing too much
Juliet is fussy
Juliet goes to bed at 6:45
Cece falls asleep
Tim goes out and gets us dinner
We eat dinner and now Tim is cleaning up the rest of the kitchen while I blog :)
Last night I decided that it was cold enough to get out a bigger blanket. I asked Tim to help me shake it out and look at it since we'd had some issues with spiders lately. He says we don't need to because it was up on a high shelf in the closet. I was like, "really? spiders can crawl into high places." Then we both just happened to look up at our ceiling and what did we see?! That's right! A spider! We started to laugh, but then I made him kill it because he made that silly conclusion that spiders don't climb.

"A" Parking

Yesterday Tim and I went up on campus to get his "A" parking pass. Big deal for us! It is the most coveted pass. Anyway, we get there and the lady asks him which pass he wants, free or south parking. Tim says, "I want A." She looks at him and says, "Hahaha, ok well which one do you want free or south?" Tim says, "I want A." AGAIN she asks him, "OK which parking do you want?" Finally Tim explains to her that he really does want "A" parking and that he qualifies for "A" parking because he is faculty and tells her to look at his I-Card. Hahahahahaha. I guess she didn't expect someone with such a young and pretty wife to be a faculty member :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Half Birthday Tim!

Tim just pointed out that it is his half birthday! And since I am such a big fan of half birthdays I have to make a big deal out of it. Too bad I didn't remember sooner or we would've had a better celebration! Oh well. HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY TIM! YOU'RE THE BEST!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Juliet Swing Pictures

May 2011
September 2011
Doesn't she look older???


Tonight before bedtime Juliet was running back and forth between her bedroom and the kitchen. I think she knew it was almost time for bed because we had already read her scriptures and were putting toys away. When we said, "Juliet time for prayers!" she just kept on running...but with her arms folded :) Isn't she cute!

She is such a little sweetheart (when she isn't driving me crazy by jumping and climbing on things that I know will inevitably lead to her getting hurt). Tonight Tim and I went out to dinner as a sort of last celebration before school starts and our money starts to dwindle. The whole time we were waiting for our food, eating our food, and leaving the restaurant, she just kept saying, "HI! HI! HI!" and, "BYE! BYE!" to everyone around us. She also liked flirting with the waiter at the next table and gave him some cute smiles and even a high five. People just seem to get a kick out of her, especially grandparent-like people. I love how friendly she is because it has sure made the transition to going to nursery on Sunday's easier (or so Tim tells me. I've only gone to part of church since Cece's been born).

Oh! And I got her Halloween costume today! I got it from this used children's clothing store here that I LOVE! They also sell some new things and crafty things, like bows and hats and such. Anyway, they are starting to bring out the winter stuff and I saw a bumblebee costume that looked about her size (the tag was ripped off or something) and it was only $5! So she hasn't actually tried it on yet but the lady is super nice about returns. So Juliet will be a bumblebee this year and Cece is going to be a flower, since it'll be easy to just stick a ridiculously large flower bow on her small little head :)

Her last horsey ride before they closed down for the winter

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I need to unpack my normal clothes and put my maternity ones away! It will hopefully be fun because I really can't remember what any of those clothes are but I don't want it to be depressing because I don't fit into them. So wish me luck that they fit!

We finally were able to clean house tonight! Tim did dishes while I folded MOUNDS of laundry and put them away. Of course, we still have a ton of dirty laundry but at least the clean stuff is put away. I am SUPER grateful that we have a washer and dryer in our apartment and don't have to go to the laundromat. I am also glad that we switched to cloth diapers, something we never would've done if we didn't have our own washer and dryer. They really aren't inconvenient and it is almost as easy as disposable ones. And it doesn't bother me to wash them every night or every other night.

I got my new I-Card that says "emp spouse" which is fun! And Tim's new one says "faculty!" Anyway, this means that I can go to the gym now. Which is completely necessary if I want to fit into all of those clothes I was talking about unpacking!

Tim and I have started to try taking shifts with Cece at night since she is formula fed. Last night was the first night and it worked out great! Tim got up with her the first time and I got up with her the second time which meant that we both got large chunks of sleep. I felt so much better today than I have in a long time!

Juliet gave me and Cece some very tender hugs today :) I think she is starting to like her baby sister more and more. Now we just need to work on her trying to play with Cece while she is sleeping. She is also getting more independent everyday and much much more of an attitude! Sometimes it's funny, but it does make me a little nervous for the future!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cute, but LOUD!

Remember that sweet, adorable baby I brought home four weeks ago and put in my room? I want her out! Yes, she is very cute, but man she sure is noisy! I swear she is worse than Juliet was. I even figured that since this is my second kid I would be less paranoid about whether or not she was breathing all night, but nope! If I hear her then I have to look at her. And she makes the strangest grunts and she sounds like she's trying to poop all the time. She usually does like to do all of her poops at night and I don't know if you can fix that, but we are sure trying hahahaha. I called the doctor's office today and asked them about it since she is so much noisier than Juliet was and she coughs a little more than I think is normal, so they said to put the humidifier on and try to put her in a swing or something so she is sleeping upright in case she is congested. So hopefully that helps and I guess I won't be kicking her out until the coughing lessens, but I might sleep on the couch and let Tim listen to her for awhile since he can sleep through it better than I can. I NEEEEEED SLEEP!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

These cookies are my OBSESSION. I won't even go into how bad it is and how many I eat. Let's just say that I need to go the gym soon! But seriously, I am always craving these cookies and since they are a special kind of Chips Ahoy there really aren't that many cookies in each box right? Anyway, if you haven't tried them, you should, and in the mean time I will try and lessen my addiction :)

Things I say...

Things I say everyday:

Are you poopy?
Do you want to watch Barney?
Don't hit the baby
Don't kick the baby
Don't step on the baby
Don't poke the baby in the eye
That was a very sweet kiss for the baby

As you can see we are still working on Juliet and trying to convince her that the baby is staying. She is doing better everyday and really does love to give her kisses (especially when Cece is sleeping).

We took them both to the doctor the other day for checkups. Cece now weighs 7 lbs 10 oz (she was 7 lbs 3 oz at birth) and is doing great! Juliet weighs 21 1/2 lbs (7th percentile) but is in the 72nd percentile for height (don't quite remember it, maybe 32 inches?) so she is definitely tall and slender. And now she only has to go to the doctor once a year! Such a big girl!

School starts next week for Tim and he is so excited to teach German. Wish him luck for his first day and luck for me since it'll be the first time alone with both girls!

snuggling baby sister :)