Friday, November 18, 2011

Here are some random pictures.
Juliet with pigtails
Cece in her blessing dress. (not the best, but these are from Tim's ipod)
Smiling Cece!!

Some funny things the girls have been doing lately:
Juliet story #1
Juliet walked past me the other night before bedtime and tooted. Tim asks her if she tooted and she says, "the mommy!" Little stinker! Trying to blame it on me!
Juliet story #2
Juliet has had a recent fascination with women's bodies. Apparently she has grabbed Sam before, and yesterday I was sitting in the back seat of the car when she just squeezed me! It's kind of funny, but a little awkward since she's getting older all the time! She also saw Sam changing Calvin's diaper at our house and when the diaper came off Juliet went "Whoa!" hahahahaha!

Juliet is constantly putting things in her hair and I have some great pictures of it! I will be posting those soon!

Cece is soooo cute! She is very smiley and laughs at Tim all the time. She is still a great sleeper at night, but we are working on her daytime naps.

Last night we went to the employee christmas sale at the school bookstore. the girls got a picture with santa and i got a signed book by jack weyland :)

well, not much left to say. next time, pictures!