Thursday, August 26, 2010

Catch up

Okay, it's been awhile since I've blogged, but we've been pretty busy! First, I went to California for 4 weeks! After the Moffitt Family Reunion (which was a blast! Thanks Angela and everyone who went and made it awesome!) I left Tim alone so he could finish the semester in peace and went back to Ridgecrest with my parents for two extra weeks. Unfortunately for Tim, that meant he had to move out of our apartment all by himself :( I think he did alright though. Thanks for everyone who helped us out with the move! While I was waiting for Tim to get to Ridgecrest I spent a lot of time with Kim and Christie. We had so much fun and they really loved Juliet. Christie even helped me make Juliet a tutu (sorry, no pictures of it). My parents were getting their kitchen redone so they got creative with meals and we had A LOT of doughnuts for breakfast. I definitely missed the donut shop while I was in Idaho. After Tim got there we got to go on a date! I talked him into seeing Ramona and Beezus, and it was soooo cute! It was nice having my mom and dad babysit. Tim also did some yard work for Grandma Poetschlag and Mom and Dad and earned a little money from it. We decided to buy the game DDR and it was a great investment. We LOVE that game! But Lisa's family plays BandHero and I decided that it was my next favorite game. I am totally a rockstar in that game ;) I think one of the best parts of the trip was taking Tim to the beach. I wanted to take him to a real beach with big waves to we could body surf and use the boogey board. What we didn't realize was that the beach Mike was taking us to was super rocky. The crabs and stuff were cool (and creepy) but we eventually found a strip of sand that we could walk out on without killing our feet so we could play in the water. Tim said it was the best day at the beach that he's ever had! California made me proud at that moment :)

Sadly, our California trip ended too soon and it was time for us to go to Illinois for a week before going to our final destination of Virginia, where we will be living for the next 4 months. Tim's mom's family all lives in Illinois and she really wanted us to go out there with them so we were fortunate enough to make the trip with them. Juliet was great on the plane and we had a great week seeing/meeting so many family members. And I have to say that Tim's Great Aunt Ruthie sure knows how to make some blackberry dumplings! One day of our trip we were able to go visit Nauvoo and Carthage Jail. It was really neat seeing everything and I would love to go back there someday and take some more time with it all.

After 5 weeks of vacationing, we finally made it to Virginia! We are going to be living with Tim's parents for the next 4 months so that we can save money during Tim's off semester at BYUI. It's been great so far and last night I saw two deer! Tim started working right away and it's been lonely having everyone gone to work all day, but Juliet keeps me busy! She started teething about the day we left Illinois and some days are pretty rough for her. But on the up side, she is starting to sit up on her own! She can't quite get to the sitting position by herself but she'll sit for a good 5-8 minutes before falling over. She's getting so big and it's great watching her do new things everyday. Her other new thing is that she'll click her tongue at you. We'll go back and forth for a while just clicking. She is so cute! So far since being here we've already been able to do our favorite things: eat at The Cheese Shop, eat at Cinco de Mayo, go to a Tides game, see Tim's siblings, and of course see deer! I really miss my family but it's great having this new experience of living somewhere other than in Ridgecrest and Rexburg.

Well, I know this was long and it was just a sum up! Next time I'll be more on top of blogging. Below are just a few of the pictures (very, very few) of our trip.

After Nathan's blessing

Photo shoot Lisa and I did of Nathan and Juliet
Juliet and Nathan asleep on Lisa's bed
The Max and Karen Moffitt part of the reunion that was able to make it