Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cecelia Kathleen McFarlane

She's here! Cecelia Kathleen McFarlane came August 11, 2011 at 7 lbs 3 oz and 19 inches long. So here's the story:

Wednesday night (the 10th) I was having some contractions and pains but they weren't regular and we decided to finally just go to bed and see what would happen. Nothing did and by morning they had stopped. We showered and got ready to take Juliet on a walk that morning, like we usually did and the contractions started almost as soon as we started our walk at around 9:30. We walked for about an hour and I was timing them at about 4-6 minutes apart. We decided to go home and see if they would stop if I sat down like they usually would. They didn't so at 11:30 we left Juliet with Sam and went to the Dr to see how dilated I was. We wanted me to get checked so we didn't have to spend more time at the hospital away from Juliet than was necessary. I was at 5 cm so the Dr said to go home and eat and we could go in at any time. We checked in around 1:30 and I was already at a 7! I couldn't believe how fast it was going compared to Juliet's labor. It was a really busy day for babies so around 2:30 I was finally put into my room. Immediately I recognized that it was the exact same room I gave birth to Juliet in! How cute is that? I spent the first 45 minutes laboring in the jacuzzi, which was awesome, and then just hung out until the Dr finally came to check and see how dilated I was. My contractions aren't really too bad until they break my water so I had planned to go without an epidural or any medication until then since that's what I did with Juliet. Well, when he checked me at about 5:15, I was only at a 7 1/2 which isn't much progression for almost 4 hours of sitting there. He asked if I wanted him to break my water because I would then have the baby within the hour so I said yes. Well, by then it was too late for me to get any sort of pain relief so for the next 30 minutes I was in SO MUCH PAIN! I took a swing at Tim (and missed) and was pretty grouchy with the nurse because all I wanted to do was push but I couldn't because I wasn't fully dilated. I finally made her start checking me at every contraction because I was getting so close! When I was finally able to push it felt so much better and one push later she was out! I couldn't believe how fast it all went AND that I did it naturally. I was kind of in shock and my body was shaking so after I held her for a minute they took her to clean her off and get her measurements. Tim was so great the whole time! He kept telling me I could do it and how proud of me he was. Afterward I could just see how happy he was because he couldn't stop smiling :) I had also invited our friend Mckenzie in the room to take some pictures right after she was born and she did such a great job! I think this labor and delivery was such a great experience (minus those 30 minutes hahaha) and we are very happy about our new addition to the family :)

First family picture
Day 2 and so cute with the bow the hospital gave her
Right after they got her all cleaned up
Daddy and Cece
Mommy and Cece. Cece kind of looks like she's smiling :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

38 1/2 weeks

I have 12 days until my due date! It's been awhile since I've blogged but a couple of weeks ago Tim graduated from BYU-Idaho and he's been home with me ever since :) It has been great since I am so pregnant and we've been able to take Juliet to the park just about every day now that Daddy can take her on all the big slides. I've also been able to sleep in and take longer naps because Tim is awesome and knows that it won't last long! And I guess I should say that Tim will be working on campus this fall teaching one class of German 101 as an adjunct professor. Sorry family members that I never told! So, we'll be in Idaho at least until December, but we're hoping that it might last a year. Tim is super excited and it's great for me because he'll only be in class one hour a day and then just doing his preparations for class, so we will get lots of Tim Time for the next few months.

Ok! Now a baby update! At my 37 week appointment I was at 3 cm and 50% effaced. So I wasn't getting my hopes up too high or anything for an early baby. But at my last appointment (38 weeks) the doc said she had moved up and for whatever reason that I can't explain he couldn't feel the part of my cervix that tells him how dilated I am so that I was probably about the same and I should walk more. Well that was not fun to hear. So, yeah, nothing too exciting and I guess we'll just wait to see what he says next week!

Juliet update! She is OBSESSED with Barney. At first I was ok with it because it was the only thing she would watch and actually sit and watch while I tried to get some things done, but now it is getting ridiculous. Bar Bar is the first thing she says when she wakes up and pretty much the only thing she says if we are at home. It's like she forgot how to play with her toys or something. But since she will soon be getting babysat while I go have a baby, I don't know if I can ban it yet in consideration of whoever the lucky babysitters get to be. Plus, she loves it and cries when we turn him off. I probably should do something but I am really just too tired to care sometimes. Any suggestions? We've been taking her out and stuff but even that doesn't seem fun to her all the time. I think she might be teething or something because she's just been kinda fussy in general lately. We have been having a lot of fun with her though and trying to take her out as much as possible before the new baby comes. Yesterday we took her to the new pool in Rexburg and she had a pretty good time until she got cold. Tim and I loved it and we are going to go again tomorrow but without Juliet so we can do some of the other stuff without worrying about watching her. She just loves to run around and is getting soooo fast! It's hard for me to keep up with her!

Anyway, that's about it for now, but hopefully we'll have some exciting news soon! And with pictures next time!