Monday, April 14, 2014

James' Birth Story

Well since James is 5 months old today I should probably post his birth story! A little back story: at my 32 week appointment I was measuring small so I had to go in and do an ultrasound at 34 weeks. They said his abdomen was measuring small so I needed to go in again in 3 weeks and get another ultrasound. They said I might have to be induced early if it seemed that the placenta wasn't giving the baby the nutrients he needed to grow. I was not a fan of that idea, but when I had that last ultrasound they didn't say anything about being induced early, so I tried not to worry about it too much. My due date came and no baby. Well then I knew my doctor was going to want to induce me. Sure enough, he wanted to induce me on Thursday, November 14. I asked him if we could postpone it until the next Monday but he said no. I was kind of annoyed at him because he didn't seem to care much about what I wanted and I had heard that he was a little C section happy so I was really nervous to go into being induced (since your chances of C section increases with induction). PLUS, I really wanted a natural childbirth and I've heard that pitocin HURTS. BAD. I did everything I could think of to start labor. I even did castor oil, I was THAT desperate to start myself into labor. But nothing :( So Thursday morning I went into the hospital, but I swear I was having light contractions in the shower before we left. Since I was dilated to a 4 my doctor came in and said that we could try to just break my water at first. I said yes, let's try that and see what happens and he was going to come back and check me in an hour. I had some essential oils going in a diffuser that was supposed to help labor get going and I watched TV with Tim and my mom. We just hung out for about an hour while I was having contractions. They were regular at about 4 min apart. After my hour was up he came back and I was STILL at a 4! He said he was going to give me some "Vitamin P" (his jokes really annoyed me) and I said, um, not yet. I could feel my contractions getting stronger so he said he'd give me one more hour and then if I hadn't progressed he would start up the pitocin. Good thing I know my body better than my doctor because 45 min later I was yelling at Tim to get the nurse. And sure enough I was ready to push. Now this is where I really hated my doctor. He was getting the bed dropped down and ready for the baby to come out and he pulls up these stirrups. I literally had my legs up in these straps and it was sooooo uncomfortable! With Juliet and Cecelia Tim and a nurse always held my legs up and I could kind of move around to where I was comfortable. Not this time. I kept saying, I don't want this, I want to get down and squat, anything but this. But he either didn't hear me or he just wanted to get James out because he kept telling me to push. Cece's birth was NOTHING like this. Pushing was easy and she just slid out and it felt good and it was such a great experience. This was hard and painful and it was just like a TV show because I SCREAMED. Like at the top of my lungs. My poor mom probably thought I was dying because I saw her crying as she watched me. I just couldn't get James out because it hurt so bad, so my wonderful (note the sarcasm) doctor got in my face and told me to push as hard as I could. So I screamed and screamed while I pushed. And then James came out :) I almost hate writing this because I want it to sound like I was so happy when it was all over and I just wanted to hold my baby, but I will tell the truth so I can remember what to tell my daughters to possibly expect about childbirth. They handed him to me and I really thought I was going to drop him. I was exhausted and shaky and HOT. I told Tim to take James like 2 seconds after they gave him to me because I felt like I was in shock. Especially since they are telling you to push the placenta out after that and then he had to stitch me up. It took me a good 45 min to an hour before I felt like I could hold him. Tim held him mostly and I made him sit super close to me, but I just couldn't hold him yet. But he was the sweetest, most beautiful baby boy I had ever seen and oh my gosh his hair! I loved his baby hair and he still has fun hair :) We love James and are so happy he is a part of our family. I'm grateful I was able to do a natural childbirth with him because I before I forget, I do have to say my recovery with James was the best by far. I thought recovery after Cece was good, but it was even better this time and I definitely think that has to do with having them drug free. I barely even took Tylenol after I got home from the hospital I felt that good. We love our baby James!!


  1. Oh my goodness I love those pictures of tiny James:) What essential oils did you have diffusing? I'm planning to go natural too:)

  2. Oh my gosh I have only been waiting for this post for about oh . . . Five months , lol. I love it. Besides the crazy doctor part, who is that guy? Ugh. I would punch him in the face. I am glad you got to experience the joy of natural childbirth. I will tout it until the day I die, recovery is SO much easier without the drugs. I am glad everything went well. Now I need to see that tiny face updated!! How s life with three? And yes, which oils? I plan on using some during labor and recovery this time for sure.

  3. Oh, he is precious, Amy! His hair! Just so cute. And way to go drug-free, woman! You are my hero! Thanks for sharing him with us!